From Infertility to Adoption: Nine Factors to Consider

A good read about making the mental shift!


Africa Day 25-05-2015



africa day


Today is Africa Day. I am as much an African as Siya is an African. I was born and raised here as my parents were born and raised in this country. I love South Africa deeply and dearly and although not unaware of the sad realities of poverty, abandonment, corruption, violence and inequality that millions of people face daily on this continent, I praise God that I can be rooted in this beautiful vibrant country. I will continue to pray for leaders to lead this country in honesty and integrity to the glory of His name and the upliftment of all people.

New Beginningz Baby Haven

Currently the Childrens Act in South Africa states that when a child is put up for adoption he or she may only be placed with the adoptive family 60 days after the biological mother has signed the adoption papers. This is apparently to protect both the child and the adoptive mother from any emotional trauma in the event that the biological mother decides to keep the baby.

With our second adoption, Siya was placed in a baby home in Laudium. New Beginningz Haven is a wonderful place and I can only thank the Lord that Siya spent his first few weeks of life in this loving home.

This is a clip made by the Vodacom Foundation of New Beginningz. My favourite part is where Florence, the cook, says that the best part of her day is when she knows that the children’s tummies are full.

everyone needs a little Grace in their lives: Dear Birthmother

Wow! Such a beautiful letter honouring the birthmothers of her children. With Mother’s Day coming up tomorrow or is impossible not to think about so many women out there remembering and even also mourning the children that they couldn’t keep to raise up themselves. I can only pray that the two precious birthmothers of my children will feel the comfort of our Heavenly Father and know that they are also treasured and honoured.