Amazing how a book written in the 17th century can be so applicable to parenting in the 21st century! Here Elisha Galotti summarised the chapter on parenting in J.C. Ryles’ book The Upper Room. How convicting and encouraging!



What makes a Joyful home? 10 Reflections

I came across this inspiring blog post on Tim Challies’s blog.

The writer gives 10 reflections from her journey as a mother and how a joyful attitude changes the whole atmosphere in a home.

Here are her 10 main points:

1. Fill the home with laughter

2. Realize a mother’s power in her home

3.  Remember that work is a good gift

4. ┬áRead God’s Word as a family every day

5. Show affection continually

6. Celebrate ordinary days

7. Play

8. Remember that joy is a moment by moment choice

9. Love one another

10. Pursue the One who gives joy

Nr 8 is especially challenging to me to realise that to be joyful remains a choice we make, and even if the day started out very bad we can still choose to be joyful!

I encourage you to read the whole blog here.