Wednesday Wisdom 31/12/2014

“Adoption is the visible gospel.”

John Piper


Wednesday Wisdom 24/12/2014

“I love adoption. I love the whole messy, rich, textured, complex world it has given me. I do not love it because it is one long Disney happy ending. Rather, I love it for the way its struggles have defined my life and made me strong. I love it for the fascinating, crazy quilt of a family it has stitched together for me.”

Jillian Lauren

* Taken from the blog post “Why I Love Adoption”

Wednesday Wisdom 17/12/2014

“In our faith community, we don’t view adoption as trendy or easy or philanthropic. The process is hard, but seeing your identity as ‘orphan’ is harder. So we view adoption as a call to war. We see it as part of our reckoning, as our fight as we live as citizens of the City of God living in the City of Man.”

Aaron Coalson


Wednesday Wisdom 10/12/2014

“Adoption is defined as mission … Adoption tells us our purpose in this age as the people of Christ. Missional adoption spurs us to join Christ in advocating for the helpless and the abandoned.”

Russell Moore