Wednesday Wisdom 03/06/2015

“No man hath a right to claim God as his Father, unless he feeleth in his soul, and believeth, solemnly, through the faith of God’s election, that he has been adopted into the one family of which is in heaven and earth, and that he has been regenerated or born again.”

Charles Spurgeon


Wednesday Wisdom 17/12/2014

“In our faith community, we don’t view adoption as trendy or easy or philanthropic. The process is hard, but seeing your identity as ‘orphan’ is harder. So we view adoption as a call to war. We see it as part of our reckoning, as our fight as we live as citizens of the City of God living in the City of Man.”

Aaron Coalson


Wednesday Wisdom 8/01/2014

“The great challenge of adoption and orphan care ministry is to cultivate a death-defying passion for God above all things. A faith that rests in him whether living or dying, whether comfortable or miserable, whether successful in our orphan care or not. Our aim is to cultivate and spread the unshakable confidence that God is better than what life can give us and what death can take from us.”

John Piper