Wednesday Wisdom 30/9/2015

“When children are adopted, they are no longer an orphan or statistic. They are sons and daughters.”

Mike Rusch


Wednesday Wisdom 03/06/2015

“No man hath a right to claim God as his Father, unless he feeleth in his soul, and believeth, solemnly, through the faith of God’s election, that he has been adopted into the one family of which is in heaven and earth, and that he has been regenerated or born again.”

Charles Spurgeon

Wednesday Wisdom 29/04/2015

“Being adopted is something that has been a part of me since the beginning. It is something that I am so incredibly proud of, and I would shout it from the rooftops if I could. I feel so special, like my parents chose ME. They wanted ME. Sure I’ve had my doubts and confusions along the way, but at the end of the day, family means everything.”

Rachel Jenkins, Adoptee

* Taken from her blog Walk By Faith.

Adopted – A Poem

I came across this beautiful poem about Adoption. I will definitely one day share this with my children when they start to understand and ask questions about their adoption.


By Joy Saunders Lundberg

“Oh Mother” the child cried,

Tears flooding precious cheeks.

“They said if you were adopted your mother is not

your real mother.” Then pleading,

“Please tell me the story again.”

Nestled in loving arms,

Secure from the hurt of unknowing friends,

The words fell from trembling lips.

To the hungry little ears.

“Oh, child how I wanted to be your birth mother

I could not.

But I know you were there, somewhere.

We prayed, your daddy and I,

And God guided us to you.

There you were a beautiful baby–my baby.

I held you close and promised to love you.

Teach you, to keep you from harm, from distress.

And here I am-

Your birth mother? No.

Your real mother? Yes.

Wednesday Wisdom 12/02/2014

“A son or daughter in any human family is either born to or adopted by the parents. By definition, a child can’t be both. But with God we’re both born of Him and adopted by Him.” 

Jerry Bridges