Africa Day 25-05-2015



africa day


Today is Africa Day. I am as much an African as Siya is an African. I was born and raised here as my parents were born and raised in this country. I love South Africa deeply and dearly and although not unaware of the sad realities of poverty, abandonment, corruption, violence and inequality that millions of people face daily on this continent, I praise God that I can be rooted in this beautiful vibrant country. I will continue to pray for leaders to lead this country in honesty and integrity to the glory of His name and the upliftment of all people.


Taking Flight: From War Orphan To Star Ballerina

This video and the story behind it just brought tears to my eyes. Being reminded of the orphan crisis in Africa and what emotional and physical trauma many of these kids have to go through are unimaginable. With the current Ebola crisis in West Africa, Unicef also note the dire needs of these vulnerable children loosing one or both parents.

From the trenches – an inspiring adoption story

Brutally honest about the challenges and joy’s of adoption, Chris Woolley shares their family journey in this extraordinary talk.┬áThis is truly inspiring, convicting and gives a solid Biblical perspective for Christians who are considering adoption.

Chris and his wife have 3 biological and 4 adopted children. This talk will take you through some humorous aspects of transracial adoption as well some heart-wrenching realities.

Listen to this whether you consider adoption or not and magnify your view of God and the Good News of Jesus.

Why we adopted – Chris Woolley

The talk is structured around the following 5 Biblical truths:

  • God has designed marriage for redemption
  • God sovereignly gives children
  • God desires our death (to ourselves and to sin)
  • God sees the heart and fashions the whole
  • God loves sinners to the uttermost

In the home stretch of our second adoption, this talk helped us realign ourselves with a Biblical perspective on transracial adoption.