Wednesday Wisdom 30/04/2014

“Adopting one child won’t change the world; but for that child the world will change.”



Wednesday Wisdom 23/04/2014

“That’s why adoptive parents understand God’s passion to adopt us. They know what it means to feel an empty space inside. They know what it means to hunt, to set out on a mission, and take responsibility for a child with a spotted past and a dubious future. If anybody understands God’s ardour for His children, it is someone who has rescued an orphan from despair, for that is what God has done for us. “

Max Lucado

Wednesday Wisdom 16/04/2014

“When we come to Christ, God not only forgives us, He also adopts us. Through a dramatic series of events, we go from condemned orphans with no hope to adopted children with no fear.”

Max Lucado

Wednesday Wisdom 02/04/2014

“It’s important to realize, then, that we adopt not because we are rescuers. No, we adopt because we are the rescued. And in this way, the gospel uniquely portrays, compels, and ultimately sustains adoption.”

David Platt