Wednesday Wisdom 29/10/2014

‘The natural posture of parenting bends itself towards protecting our kids at all costs. And rightly so in many ways. However, if opening our home to a foster child has taught me anything about being a parent it’s that there is a fine line between protecting my kids from the dangers of being exposed to hard things and protecting them from the dangers of NOT being exposed to hard things. My natural tendency would be to create a world of comfort and convenience for them while unintentionally never allowing them to see and respond to a world of brokenness and hopelessness that exists around them. Perhaps my greatest fear as a parent should not be the dangers and difficulties which exist all around my kids as much as it should be the self-centeredness and entitlement which exist deep within them. If our society has anything today it’s self-centered, self-entitled kids. That’s the terrifying norm. ‘

Jason Johnson

* Excerpt from blog post.


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