Siya crawling and cuddling!

Today 8 months ago we brought Siya home! He is 10 months old and  crawling at long last! 🙂 He has developed quite a sense of humour over the past few weeks and rewards jokes with big toothless smiles and giggles!

Siya 10 maande

He has also turned into quite a shy baby, especially when faced with strangers. His naughty side has started to show, with him pulling hair and playing with all the stuff he is not supposed to play with… and so far he battles to understand the word “No!”.  😉 He is VERY ticklish, all over. He cannot resist being tickled in his neck and adores his head being scratched. In Afrikaans we say “Hy is ‘n regte Smulpaap” which Google Translate says means a “gourmand”.

We so much enjoy having him with us and love seeing how his personality is developing.

Siya en Nina Julie 2014


With every day that go by we can truly say : God’s mercies are new every morning!


3 thoughts on “Siya crawling and cuddling!

  1. Absoluut te kosbaar! Het pas die herhaling van Kwela gekyk en jul verhaal het my diep geraak. Baie Sterkte vorentoe!

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