Being Family – The Greater Blessing


Being family is special. A nuclear and extended group of people bound together by a bond that allows for quality relationships. Therein lies the joy of being family – the satisfaction and safety of relationships that are shaped and directed by love defined by the boundaries of what we call family. Belonging to a family is a wonderful privilege – a true blessing.

Jesus affirmed the inherent value of family by pointing out the importance of ensuring respectful family relationships (Matt 15:3-9). As the eldest son he also showed a special concern for the care of his mother during his earthly ministry. Even as he was suffering and dying on the cross he committed her to the care and protection of John, the disciple he loved (John 19:26-27).

But Jesus also showed us that there is a greater family with greater blessings. During his earthly ministry when the crowds where pushing closer to hear his teaching his mother and siblings sent word to him through the crowd that they were there to see him (apparently to take him home to save them from further embarrassment!). His response definitively marked out spiritual family – those who hear the Word of God and do it – as more important than earthly family (Luke 8:19-21). Jesus elevated kingdom priorities above loyalties to earthly family if they pose any hindrance to following Jesus wholeheartedly (Luke 14:26). Jesus believed and affirmed that although earthly family is a blessing the infinitely greater blessing lies in being a child of the Most High God – not only hearing his Word but doing it (Luke 11:27-28)

Despite the precious blessings of our earthly families they are only temporary blessings. Through faith in the Lord Jesus we become part of God’s family bound by the bonds of love for His chosen children – a family with blessings that will last into all eternity.

At the end of time there will only be one family left – the family of God – bought with the precious blood of Jesus. In that day it will not matter what earthly family you belonged to, only whether you belong to God’s eternal family. In that family every child will be adopted and every child will share in the love and the full inheritance of God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ (Eph 1:4-14; Rom, 8:15; Rom 8:23; Gal 4:5-7).

“In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved.”  

Ephesians 1:4b-6


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