Wednesday Wisdom 25/12/2013

“Let earth and Heaven combine,

Angels and men agree,

to praise in songs divine

The incarnate Deity,

Our God contracted to a span,

Incomprehensibly made Man.


He laid His glory by,

He wrapped Him in our clay;

Unmarked by human eye,

The latent Godhead lay;

Infant of days He here became,

And bore the mild Immanuel’s Name.


See in that Infant’s face

The depths of deity,

And labor while ye gaze

To sound the mystery

In vain; ye angels gaze no more,

But fall, and silently adore.


Unsearchable the love

That hath the Saviour brought;

The grace is far above

Of men or angels’ thought:

Suffice for us that God, we know, 

Our God, is manifest below.


He deigns in flesh t’appear,

Widest extremes to join;

To bring our vileness near,

And make us all divine:

And we the life of God shall know,

For God is manifest below.


Made perfect first in love,

And sanctified by grace,

We shall from earth remove,

And see His glorious face:

His love shall then be fully showed,

And man shall all be lost in God.”


Charles Wesley


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