Let the little children come

We were orphans

destitute without a family

We were fatherless

exposed, extorted and alone

We wandered hopeless in the wilderness

blind and poor, entangled by our sin


Where is mercy for the orphan

hope found for the lost?


At the Father heart of God

there is mercy for the orphan found

In love He searched us out

washed us clean, paid our debt, and made us new

His Name now on our hearts in costly ink

the ransom price paid with His blood

His mercy spans across divides broad and wide

home eternal in Him is found

Called his children now forevermore

we cry ABBA Father to our most High God


Work in us this same love we pray

to offer mercy for the orphan cry

May we in some small way

live this great mercy found in you

to let the little children come

as we had grace to come to you



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