Preparing for Siya

Siya wall art

How do you squeeze 9 months of preparation into 3 weeks?

If all goes according to plan, Siya will come home on Thursday! That’s just 3 weeks after we heard about this little boy’s existence.

Its been an emotional time for our family as we’ve had to pray and prepare our hearts, minds and home for this baby who will be our son in just a few more days. Its been excitement mixed with nervous anticipation – excited to bring another child into our family but also a little anxious at times about what the future may hold for all of us

This may well be one of the most difficult and complex decisions we’ve ever had to make. By God’s grace however, we are filled with a reassuring sense of peace knowing that He has already chosen each child for our family.

At almost 9 weeks Siya is a healthy happy-chappy-baby-boy. His first few weeks of life were spent at the New Beginningz Baby Haven. We’ve been privileged to meet him before the 60-day waiting period is over. This has given us important time to spend with Siya before the placement. If you only have 3 weeks to prepare every day helps!

Bubbling with excitement Nina, our 3-year old daughter, is counting down the days to her baby brother’s homecoming. Proud of becoming an older sister she’s already assuming a demanding motherly role insisting that Siya stays in her care for the duration of our visits. We are bound for interesting times ahead!

These 3 weeks have been emotionally exhausting and deeply precious. It has given us time to settle our fears, to pray, to be reminded of why we adopt and to be encouraged by the stories of others.

Siya – our son – we’re ready for you.


13 thoughts on “Preparing for Siya

  1. Baie geluk . Dit bly altyd vir my die grootste geskenk ooit – iemand wat bereid was om haar kindjie jou kindjie te maak. Mag julle ongekende vreugde en seën ervaar.

  2. wat n pragtige storie!!! marlie, ek weet nie eens of jy my sal onthou nie, maar jy was n klein dogtertjie toe ek n instrukteur by inl skool was en pappa die bev daar was. mag hierdie kind ongekende vreugde vir jou en jou gesin en familie bring. ek werk in die drc en moet elke dag die behoefte aan ouerskap by soveel klein kindertjies hier beleef. as ek kon, sou ek al digby 100 aanneem kinnerki’s gehad het!!! nou spandeer ek my vrye tyd om gaatjies in hle lewens te vul. geluk en ek is saam met jle opgewonde!!!!

    anita potgieter viljoen

  3. Baie dankie Dirkie! Ja ek het heerlik aan jou blog gelees destyds na ons vir Nina gekry het en laaaang trane gehuil! Wat ‘n wonderlike voorreg!
    Dankie Anita! Ek moes baie klein daai tyd gewees het! 😉 Ek kan dink mens se hart skeur in tienduisend klein stukkies daar! Dankie vir die inloer!

  4. Adoption is greater than the Universe, before the universe, above the universe and most of all it is the purpose of the universe – John Piper

    My hart is bly saam met julle!

    Unto the praise of the glory of His grace

  5. Swanepoels

    We are so excited about Siya! We know that he is a Gift from God and that he will bless your family and everyone around you, just as much as you will be a blessing to him! You are in our prayers, Herina, Johan, Wessels, Jeane’

  6. It is so wonderful to hear about Siya. It makes me so happy that he will come to your family and have a good life with a very special family!
    Wish you a good time!

  7. Dis wonderlikste nuus ooit! Mag die Here julle uit julle sokkies seën met hierdie nuwe, en baie opwindende tyd – ontsettend bly vir julle!
    Liefdegroete, Salomè

  8. Congratulations!! May he bring you much joy. Sterkte voorentoe… may you as a family be richly blessed. Enjoy the special new addition to your family.

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