From the trenches – an inspiring adoption story

Brutally honest about the challenges and joy’s of adoption, Chris Woolley shares their family journey in this extraordinary talk. This is truly inspiring, convicting and gives a solid Biblical perspective for Christians who are considering adoption.

Chris and his wife have 3 biological and 4 adopted children. This talk will take you through some humorous aspects of transracial adoption as well some heart-wrenching realities.

Listen to this whether you consider adoption or not and magnify your view of God and the Good News of Jesus.

Why we adopted – Chris Woolley

The talk is structured around the following 5 Biblical truths:

  • God has designed marriage for redemption
  • God sovereignly gives children
  • God desires our death (to ourselves and to sin)
  • God sees the heart and fashions the whole
  • God loves sinners to the uttermost

In the home stretch of our second adoption, this talk helped us realign ourselves with a Biblical perspective on transracial adoption.


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